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Extra Curricular

The teachers at our school are very dedicated to our students and provide additional opportunities for them to excel in different learning areas where they show a talent or interest in. These are some of the examples of the Clubs we run throughout the year at Banksmeadow Public School.

Art Club

Throughout the year students are invited to explore their creative side by joining our Art Club at lunchtimes. Students learn new techniques and explore different media to create new artistic projects.

Charcoal used to create sketches of people the studnents


Singing and Guitar

The school has a specialist guitar teacher who visits us each week. The teacher provides lessons for small groups of students in our hall. The students work towards a performance at the end of each year at the school. New members are invited at the start of each year.


STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Club is a special club that is run from our library every week at lunchtimes. Students have the opportunity to apply different technologies to projects. Students code using a variety of coding languages, experiment with robotics and design and make objects using the schools' 3D printer. The students also have opportunities to create film projects using specialised editing software and school equipment.