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What our children think about Preschool

What our children think about Preschool

Maisy: "At preschool I like reading a book."

Noah: "I love my teachers."

Koa: "I like learning about healthy foods at preschool."

Ryder: I love playing inside."

Anna: "At preschool I like playing with the teachers."

Paige: "I like to learn about nature at preschool."

Mateo: "I learn about art and craft at preschool."

Nathan: "I have learnt how to be kind with all of my friends."

Katarina: "I have learnt how to write my name at preschool."

Darci: "I have learnt about germs and why it is important for me to learn how to wash my hands."

Avery: "I have learnt the days of the week."